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Kingslake was incorporated in the UK in 1991 and has offices in Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia. Kingslake’s Professional Staff have been involved in providing Enterprise Class Solutions to clients both in Asia and Europe.

Kingslake's proven business software solutions tackle specific problems in a number of business domains: apparel, automotive, BFSI, civil engineering construction, electronics, food and beverage, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, life sciences and healthcare. Our cross-industry solutions: accounting, HR, enterprise asset management and business intelligence software give clients a complete end-to-end software solution. Kingslake offers technical services ranging from Product Development, Application Transformation, Systems Integration, Business Process Management, Systems Maintenance and provides expert services to solve complex problems. Our end-to-end technical consulting services eliminate gaps in business operations and improve operational responsiveness to keep clients ahead of competition.

Kingslake’s mission is to be our client's competitive advantage by providing appropriate software solutions and IT related business and technical professional services.